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NOCO Battery Charger 5Amp 6/12v/Lith/Rep


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  • NOCO Genius G5 Battery Charger for
    Lead Acid 6 & 12V and 12.8V Lithium Batteries
    NOCO Genius G 5 UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer for Lead-Acid 6V & 12V Series and Lithium 12.8V [LiFePO4] Batteries
    Correctly charges Lead-Acid Series batteries up to 120Ah with an intelligent 8 step charging process.

      • The supplied battery connection Lead Set is convertible from clamp end to eyelet type (6.5mm fitting) for attaching direct to the battery terminal post.
        Simply remove the Allen screw on each clamp [3mm Allen Key required] to access the eyelet end.
        The inline plug access point allows the NOCO Genius charger to be quickly disconnected or reconnected when required.
      • Replacement Lead Sets are available as an optional accessory for replacing lost connector or adding an additional set to another battery / motorcycle for easy charging.
      • Designed for Australian 240 Volts 50Hz power point socket.

    Note – Supplied with a User Guide & Warranty Information booklets.

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