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WIRED 12″ Electric Balance Bike
Bridging the gap and simplifying the transition from a balance bike to a motorcycle. The perfect way to introduce the skills of throttle control and balance to children from the age of 2+.
Motor: RS-755WC-8514 Chain Driven
Output max power: 100w
Max torque: 5.9N.m
Speed: 10km/h
Tire: Front and Rear 1/2*2 1/4-12
Wheel: 12″ Composite Wheels
Seat height: 360mm (min) – 490mm (max)
Weight: 8.6kgs
Frame: Aluminum TIG welded
Fork: Steel
Battery: 18V 5.2Ah 94Wh lion interchangeable battery
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Max load: 35kgs kids
Range: 45-90mins (Run times may vary depending on riding conditions)
Suitable Age: 2-5 years

WIRED 16′ Electric Balance Bike
The A16 is also fitted with a rear disc brake to give excellent stopping power with even the lightest input from the rider.
There are 2 speed settings, Eco and Boost mode. In Eco, the A16 is limited to 7.5mph. On boost, the bike is limited to 12.5 MPH.
As with the A10 models, the A16 features the easily removable 18V 5.2ah lion battery.
Motor: XF05H-2 Rear Hub Motor
Rated Power: 120w
Max Torque: 20N.m
Speed: 12km/h at Eco and 20km/h at Boost
Tire: Front and Rear 16×2.00
Wheel: 5 Spoke Alloy
Seat Height: 430mm (min) – 530mm (max)
Wheel Base: 700mm
Weight: 11.6kgs
Frame: Aluminum TIG Welded
Fork: Steel
Battery: 18V 5.2Ah 94Wh Li-ion Battery
Dimension: 1200mmx520mmx600mm

Does the bike need to be assembled?
Both the 12” and 16” Wired electric bikes need to have the front wheel and handlebars
attached. This process is detailed in step by step instructions and all tools and
hardware required are provided. How to videos will also be available on the Wired Bikes
How long does the battery last?
Run time is anywhere from 45 – 90mins depending on the skill of the rider and the
Is the battery removable?
Wired Bikes batteries are removable and must be removed to charge. This gives riders
the opportunity to have spare batteries on charge for extended sessions.
Will my power tool battery connect to the bike?
No each Wired Bike comes with 1 x Wired Lithium-ion battery and 1 x Charger.
Additional batteries are available for purchase.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
Upon purchase a full charge of a brand new battery will take 2.5hrs. Subsequent
charges approx. 120mins.
How does the throttle and speed settings work?
Wired Bikes have a twist throttle located on the right hand side of the handlebars. The
throttle is activated by clicking the power switch found close to the right hand thumb
position. When in power mode the 12” model has a single speed mode 10km/h MAX and
the 16” model has two speed modes ECO 12km/h & BOOST 20km/h
What is the maximum weight allowance?
The maximum load capacity for both 12” and 16” models is 35kgs.
Are spare parts available for both model bikes?
Yes, Wired Bikes stock a wide variety of spares for both 12” and 16” models.
Is the disc brake found on the 16” model cable or hydraulic?
The 16” Wired bike is fitted with a 160mm PROMAX cable operated ventilated disc
brake for maximum braking performance. This gives Wired Bikes riders added
confidence and is a key component that distinguishes the 16” Wired Electric Balance
Bike as the industry leader.
Can Wired Bikes be ridden in the rain/wet conditions?
Wired Bikes are designed for safe operation in DRY conditions. DO NOT operate any
model Wired Bike in the rain or wet conditions. Any sort of wet riding activity voids any
and all warranties.
Can Wired Bikes be ridden on grass/dirt or up hills?
Yes, however the run time will be significantly reduced if the terrain is more advanced.
For maximum efficiency we recommend that Wired Bikes are operated on smooth flat
What is the difference between the 12” and 16” electric motors?
The 12” Electric Motor is chain driven with a maximum output power of 100W and
maximum torque of 5.9N.m
The 16” Electric Motor is a brushless rear hub mounted motor with a maximum output
power of 120W and maximum torque of 20N.m providing zero noise emission the rear
hub mounted motor is the key component that distinguishes the 16” Wired Electric
Balance Bike as the industry leader.
What is covered by the Wired Bikes warranty?
Frame and Fork – One Year
Non-electrical components – One Year
Electric System Components including battery and charger – Six Months
Normal wear and tear items – 30 days (sprockets, chain, grips, bar plugs, saddle,
footrest, brake cable/housing, brake lining, paint/decals, tires, inner tubes)
*Please refer to complete Wired Bikes Warranty at www.wiredbikes.com.au


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