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Keep Riding High by Finding the Right Motorcycle Exhaust in Melbourne

Motorcycles represent power, speed, and efficiency, and even the exhaust system feeds into this. With the pressure waves from exhaust pipes travelling at the local speed of sound, there is no room for error. MotoGo has you covered if you are looking for a motorcycle exhaust in Melbourne.

Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Motorcycle Exhausts

So, you want to charge the world on your iron steed and let everyone eat your dust, and you’re looking for a motorbike exhaust in Melbourne. Not so fast, though. Take a pit stop and consider these three common mistakes people make when it comes to bike exhausts:

  • Choosing sound over soundness. You want the world to hear you come roaring by and make your presence felt. Simply let someone fit your bike with a free-flow exhaust and watch the world disappear in the rear-view mirror, right? Wrong. A cheap exhaust may damage your motorcycle or lower the average speed and the power output. Always stick to reputable makers. You can, for example, opt for an Akrapovič exhaust available in Melbourne.
  • Choosing aftermarket pipes instead of stock. The manufacturer doesn’t merely throw something together when it comes to the exhaust system. These systems are carefully engineered to match the bike to ensure the best performance. If top-notch performance is what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with an Akrapovič exhaust in Australia from MotoGo.
  • Choosing style over substance. Unlike thirty years ago, the full exhaust system is not as responsible for performance as it once was. If you are going to install a full system, then you have to install it in conjunction with a fuel controller. If you don’t adjust your fuel in accordance with your new system, it can lead to low power efficiency and throttle response as well as increased engine temperature.

Fast Facts About the Best Motorcycle Routes in Australia

When you want to get out under the open sky with the wind beneath your wings and the tarmac beneath your wheels, Australia has some choice routes for you. Here are three of the best routes that you can conquer:

  • Oxley Highway from Wauchope to Walcha. Stretching 165 kilometres, this road takes you along hairpin bends all the way over the Great Dividing Range. The best time for this ride is late spring or early summer, as this is out of the rainy season but still comfortably warm.
  • The Great Ocean Road. Winding for 120 kilometres past the Twelve Apostles between Torquay to Glenaire, this road offers stunning ocean views along the way.
  • The Black Spur. Part of the Maroondah highway, this 30-kilometre stretch dives right under the lush canopy of the rainforest, offering riders stunning views of the foliage all around. 

About MotoGo

MotoGo is your one-stop shop for motorcycles, accessories, servicing, spare parts, and scooter rentals. We offer friendly and professional service and online sales for your convenience. We also boast a full range of the biggest brands in biking, from Akrapovič to Yamaha and everything in between. 

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