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We Supply High-Quality Motorcycle Gloves in Melbourne 

Any bike rider must source a decent pair of motorcycle gloves in Melbourne. Whether you ride on your own daily or it’s a habit that you do on the weekend or if you’re a racer who competes in events every week, pro biker gloves are an essential aspect of motorcycle gear. MotoGo stocks and supplies everything related to motorcycles from bikes to accessories and parts; we are a one-stop-shop for an enthusiast. 

Benefits You Receive When Acquiring Leather Motorcycle Gloves in Australia 

The overall advantage of wearing waterproof motorcycle gloves is safety. Whether on the road or race track, accidents can occur, and due to the nature of the vehicle, it’s advisable to wear as much protective gear as possible. When you decide to wear motorcycle gloves, you reap these benefits. 

  • Regardless of your experience with a motorcycle, falls are unpredictable, which is why it’s best to wear gloves on every ride. Apart from other vehicles, bad weather conditions can cause you to fall, and your gloves protect your hands. 
  • Your hands are critical to many tasks, including steering your motorcycle. Adding gloves to the mix improves your grip on the bike and promotes control. Furthermore, instead of dealing with sweaty palms, gloves usually provide sufficient air circulation. As a result, there is no moisture, and your hands remain comfortable throughout the ride. Conversely, riding in cold conditions can leave your hands feeling numb to the point where you can’t feel the handlebars. Gloves warm up your fingers to keep them at the optimum temperature. 
  • Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, but it also exposes you to all the outdoor elements. Aside from the apparent weather threat, you’re subject to other factors such as bugs and debris lifting off the road from other vehicles. There is a high possibility of your hands being struck by any of these, causing injury or discomfort in many areas of your life. Wearing gloves eliminates that potential. 

Things to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Riding Gloves

There is a vast range of motorcycle gloves available. The pair you select is dependent on your personal requirements. However, these are some of the general factors to consider before acquiring your biking gloves. 

  • Size is always vital to everything we wear. However, it becomes critical when dealing with protective gear. Always try on the gloves to ensure your fingers can move freely, and it doesn’t restrict blood flow. Ultimately, it should feel like an extension of your fingers.
  • Your hands must be kept dry throughout your ride. Consider acquiring a waterproof pair of gloves that protect your fingers from the exterior elements and filter away any sweat.
  • Decide on the pair of gloves that best suits your riding lifestyle. If you’re using your bike every day and have to take your gloves off at every 20-minute stop, you’d require a different set of gloves compared to riding for three to four hours at a time. 

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We are a one-stop-shop for all motorcycle enthusiasts as we stock a range of bikes, parts, and accessories. For your convenience, we offer online shopping with free delivery across Australia.

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