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The open road lies beckoning ahead. You can’t wait to put rubber to tarmac with your new bike. Before you head out, however, it’s important that you pad yourself in protective leathers. This is not just an accessory, as the right protective gear is crucial for your protection. RST Taichi in Australia, and other safety gear, make sure that you are safe and road-ready.

Fast Facts About How a Leather Jacket Protects You in a Crash

Leather jackets, such as an RST leather jacket from MotoGo, are the next most vital item of safety gear after the helmet. Here we take a look at how a riding jacket can protect you, and why it is a good idea to look for an RST leather jacket in Australia:

  • What’s on the outside also counts. The look of a motorcycle jacket involves much more than just style. Having a brightly coloured motorcycle jacket ensures that you are more visible, thus preventing other road users from colliding with you. The first step to being safe is being seen.
  • Knight in leather armour. Some motorcycle gear comes fitted with armour that protects bones, joints, muscle, and skin. Alternatively, protective leather gear can come with pieces you can add on, such as spine protectors and elbow pads.
  • Better protection and recovery time: A study conducted in Australia compared three groups of motorcycle riders who had been in accidents: those who wore full protective gear, those who wore partial protective gear, and those who wore no protective gear. The study found that the motorcyclists who wore either full or partial protective clothing suffered fewer injuries during the accident and took less time to recover.

Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Care of Your Leather Gear

Investing in your safety entails more than the initial investment in safety gear. It is also necessary to invest time in taking care of it correctly so it can protect you adequately. Here are three common mistakes to avoid when you take care of those life-saving leathers:

  • Do not machine wash. It is never advisable to try washing your motorcycle leathers in a machine with regular laundry detergent. The laundry detergent will be too harsh for the leather, and the spinning action of the washing machine will pull at the stitching and degrade the fibres of the leather.
  • Do not power wash. There is a risk of the high-pressure water ripping the stitching apart, if not immediately, then over time. The water can also penetrate the protective upper layer of the suit and cause the leather underneath to swell.
  • Do not use household detergents or regular soaps. Cleaning your protective motorcycle gear with cleaning products readily available in your house is another risk you should not take. You should always use a dedicated leather cleaner to polish up your gear.

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