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Dainese Settantadue CHIODO72 Leather Jacket


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Retro Feel
Back in the States in the 1920’s an icon was born. The classic “lancer-front” leather jacket. Within a matter of years, it had become so universally popular with riders that it was known as the “biker jacket”. And so it has remained. We’re bikers. It’s part of our history and who we are. So we couldn’t resist recreating its iconic design. Streamlining it. Adding modern features and detail touches. Perfecting it to create unique new classic. The result says heritage and says it decisively, but never shouts. Elegant, minimalistic lines. Integrated Pro Armour protection. Premium construction. Stealth black metal zips and buckles. Meet the Chiodo72.


• Sol Cowhide Leather
• Mesh lining
• Metal zipper
• Pocket for G1 & G2 back protector


50, 52, 54

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