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Dunlop D402 Harley-Davidson Front Tyre










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Harley-Davidson OE Tyre

The D401 is the approved Harley-Davidson cruiser tyre.


  • An advanced tread pattern and specifically formulated compound deliver outstanding grip in wet and dry weather and provides long tyre life.
  • D401 tyres use bias or bias belted construction and incorporate a computer optimized tread profile to reduce cupping for even wear.
  • Now available in White Wall in selected sizes.

SW = Single White Line WW = Wide White Wall





MT90B16 74H, MT90B16 74H SWL, MT90B16 74H WW, MT90B16 74H ENGRAVED WW, 130/70B18 63H, MH90-21 54H MWW, MH90-21 54H

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