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KYT NZ Race Bastianini Replica Helmet


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The NZ-RACE is KYT’s full-face helmet made of tricomposite material, designed for maximum performance in terms of aerodynamics, ventilation, and comfort. The helmet has undergone repeated wind tunnel tests and on-track sessions with KYT riders to achieve optimal results. It features a well-designed spoiler, efficient ventilation system, and an anti-scratch visor with Pinlock® Max Vision 70 anti-fog lens. The helmet is perfect for professional use on the track or leisurely rides on the road.



The shell is made in two sizes (M and L) and it is made of Tri-Fiber composite, a mix of kevlar, carbon and fibreglass, to ensure better impact resistance and lighter weight.


The internal polystyrene is made of 3 different sizes to obtain the best ergonomics with different thicknesses. This characteristic allows a gradual and progressive absorption of the impact force generated by an impact. Although most of the energy due to an impact is absorbed by the outer protective shell due to its deformation, the role of polystyrene is decisive for the absorption of residual energy.


The visor is made of polycarbonate with different thicknesses in optical class 1 and anti-scratch treatment. The visor is easily removable, thanks to a practical mechanism that doesn’t require any tool.


NZ-RACE is equipped with Antifog Pinlock® Max Vision 70


The internal polystyrene is studied to work in symbiosis with 3 front air intakes on the shell. Special channels on the EPS allow non-stop air flow, ensuring perfect ventilation inside the helmet and rapid exhaust of the hot air through the extractors on the back, under the aerodynamic spoiler.


Inners are removable and washable in fine and soft fabrics made of fibre that, together with particular sponges, ease the airflow, maintaining dry and fresh the part in contact with the face. Cheek pads are ready for Bluetooth headphones, have an emergency system to quickly remove them in case of need, and they have a “glasses wearable” predisposition.


The retention system used is the ”Double D-RING” in light alloy.


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

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